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Since 2003, Bay Area Housing Corporation (BAHC) has been providing housing to individuals with disabilities (I/DD). Our goal is to improve the lives of people with I/DD by creating quality housing that meets their individual needs. WE are recognized for our leadership, problem solving, creativity and our competence. We focus on people with developmental disabilities – and are a respected voice throughout the State and the community for supportive housing needs.

What is the Need?

What is the Need?Issue: There is a critical lack of affordable housing in California for people with developmental disabilities.


  • The Lanterman Act, through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and Regional Centers (RC), created an entitlement system that currently provides a comprehensive array of supports and services to over 291,000 people. According to DDS’s Fact book, approximately 76% of all individuals live in their own home or with their families.
  • There has been a tremendous rise in the rate of Autism. According to “Autism Rising”, there are 76,000 individuals in the state of California on the Autism Spectrum. Adult autism cases are poised to double in the next five years and triple in the next ten years.
  • BAHC works primarily with San Andreas Regional Center which serves approximately 13,000 people with developmental disabilities in Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Most of these individuals are considered very low income, most receiving $733 per month.
  • The median price of housing in Santa Clara County is $1,380,000 and the median rental rate is $2,750 per month. These high prices are one of the highest in the country.
  • Having a decent, safe, affordable place to live is one of the key components necessary to promote the health and well being of citizens of California living with developmental disabilities. There is a housing crisis in our State and in the Bay area.
  • Most of the housing resources that have funded the housing that BAHC has created since 2006, primarily came from the closure of developmental centers and relied on CPP, Community Placement Funds.
  • There is a need to develop a housing plan and a funding strategy for housing people with developmental disabilities.
  • BAHC continues to work with leaders at the State and with the leadership at San Andreas Regional Center to develop new housing programs and funding strategies.
  • BAHC participate as an advocate for additional housing
  • BAHC is finding that families want to take care of their family members and are confused about housing options. BAHC is working with SARC to develop new housing programs to be of assistance to families and people with developmental disabilities.

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Who We Serve

History of Organization

History of OrganizationThe Bay Area Housing Corporation (BAHC) was established in April 2003 with a small private donation of $5,000. The organization’s two founders, Kris McCann and Claire McDermott are both mothers of children with developmental disabilities and they know from very personal, first hand family experiences, how critical it is to provide safe, affordable, high quality housing especially designed to meet the individualized living needs of people with developmental disabilities.

BAHC continues to fully maximize this initial donation and has become a well-respected non-profit 501 c (3) housing organization. We own and manage 44 special needs properties worth approximately $69 million.

As evidence of BAHC’s expertise, in 2003 the organization was selected and funded by the San Andreas Regional Center to coordinate the development of a special needs housing plan (Bay Area Housing Plan–BAHP) to transition 327 long-term adult residents with developmental disabilities from the Agnews Developmental Center in San Jose into community-based, supportive independent housing sites located in nine Bay Area counties before the Center’s final closure in 2009. BAHC was awarded a $3.9 million grant through the San Andreas Regional Center followed by an additional $11.125 million to fund the organization’s administrative, pre-development, and development activities in connection with the creation and implementation of the Bay Area Housing Plan.

In 2007, BAHC created a property management system in order to manage and maintain our own homes. We created a database on QuickBase to track work orders, cost of labor and materials, billing and manufacturing information of appliances and other features in each and every home. We also have a full-time property management team to oversee the excellent care of our properties. In 2013, BAHC contracted our property management and maintenance services to Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services to oversee maintenance of 22 single family homes clustered together in Los Gatos.

BAHC is known as a tireless advocate for people with developmental disabilities and as a premier provider of supportive housing: BAHC is an acknowledged leader in the developmental disability field and as such is closely allied with key county-wide service providers, financial institutions, plus major supportive housing providers and developers.
We continue to expand our services and look forward to new opportunities to expand our portfolio and serve our community.

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