Specialized residential homes

Specialized Residential Homes

Our vision is at the heart of everything we do. Simply put, we believe that all people with I/DD in the Bay Area should have access to affordable community-based housing. Each home is designed to provide the means to meet the needs and preferences of the individuals who live there.

With a portfolio of 49 homes, BAHC has honed our skills of negotiation, acquisition, financing, design, building and property management. Our greatest strength is the team we have assembled and the level of care we bring to every project. Big projects or small, BAHC stands ready to serve.

BAHC’s Specialized Residential Homes are adapted for three to four individuals with similar needs and services to live together in a family environment. With the closures of California’s State Developmental campuses, which has taken place in stages since 1996, there has been a shift from institutional housing to small community-based care homes for people with I/DD.

BAHC provides several customized models including Family Teaching Homes, 962 Homes for the Medically Fragile, Crisis/Transitional Homes, Enhanced Behavioral Homes and Children’s Homes.

Making Homes Work

Many people with I/DD want to continue to live with dignity and comfort in their families’ homes. Physical modifications often need to be made so their home works better for them. BAHC plays a unique role in performing accessibility modifications to their current residences.

Because of BAHC’s strong reputation and demonstrated track record within the community, a partnership has formed with Bay Area Regional Centers to create the Making Homes Work program. BAHC researches, budgets, bids, supervises, evaluates, and provides fiscal modifications to ensure homes are customized and modified with durable materials, based on best practices and lessons learned from decades of experience as property managers.

Projects can be financed by Regional Centers or other public funding, by individuals with I/DD, or by families of people with I/DD who can privately pay.

Did You Know?

Memory Care Homes

One of our most exciting projects is advocating for the development of dementia homes in the Bay Area to serve people who experience Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s. Working with families who urged us to develop this type of specialized housing, we formed a coalition for a Dementia Care Home in the Bay Area. We recently submitted proposals to Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) and San Andreas Regional Center (SARC.) so that both Regional Centers understand the need and advocate for this type of housing with DDS.


Alzheimer’s Disease & Down Syndrome

A Practical Guidebook for Caregivers by the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, the Alzheimer’s Association and Nation Down Syndrome Society

People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Growing Old: An Overview

Tamar Heller, PhD.

UIC Department of Disability and Human Development

Aaron's Home

Legacy Program

Many families are searching for a way to plan for the future of a child with developmental disabilities, which can be costly to the State and to families. Parents with children with developmental disabilities face difficult choices when it comes to ensuring housing for their children after they are gone.

The difficult and challenging housing market affects choices available to aging parents with a child that lives at home; or to younger parents who want to ensure secure living environments now; and to other family members who need or want to ensure the living environment for their family member.

With an increasingly aging population, and parents and caregivers aging and passing away, families of people with developmental disabilities need solutions for the housing needs of their loved one with a disability when they are gone.

Kris McCann and Claire McDermott, founders of Bay Area Housing Corp., talk about the need in this video:

Introducing the Legacy Program

Learn more about this program to address long-term housing needs for people with I/DD:

Lanterman Housing Alliance Legacy Homes Program.

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