BAHC exists to create unique spaces that meet the needs of residents with ID/D in an environment that feels like a family home and in neighborhoods that are open and accepting. Lives are transformed not only for our residents, but their families, their caregivers, and their neighborhood.

Asian Man Wheelchair

“In BAHC, they feel they are at home. They have family and they are safe at all times.”

- Parent

Smiling Woman

“The people who take care of me here are very sweet people. I love them more than anything else in the world because of what they’ve done for me.”

- Resident

Female Patient in a Wheelchair

“Our kids are going to be here after us.”

- Parent

Young Man in Wheelchair

“Having Ben move from where he was into this BAHC home has been the greatest gift for our whole family. We all celebrate the day we got his own room in this wonderful home.”

- Parent

Man and Woman on a Walk

“Being able to see the world through their eyes and their experiences has made me so much more aware of not just people with developmental disabilities- but people. They’ve taught me a lot about people.”

- Caregiver

Disabled Student Taking Test

“I couldn’t be happier with Laura’s home. Now she’s happy, she’s part of a family…”

- Parent

"One Home at a Time"
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