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What We DoBay Area Housing Corporation creates opportunities to build, renovate, and identify houses and apartment buildings that fit the lifestyles of people with I/DD.

Housing Development Portfolio:

We currently own and manage 46 special needs properties worth approximately $69 million. There are two LLC’s that are part of Bay Area Housing Corporation, Casa Milagro, which owns the 32 homes that were part of the closure of Agnews Developmental Center. Mas Milagros has a portfolio of 5 homes. BAHC owns the remaining 7.

There are currently 3 models of housing provided by BAHC with care and supervision provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BAHC owns and operates the homes and a service provider delivers the service. All referrals for the individuals living in the homes come from the Regional Centers.

The 962 homes, names after the State Bill that provided for licensing, are for the medically fragile. They house 5 individuals in separate bedrooms with a back-up generator for the home.

The SRH homes are Specialized Residential homes for 3 to 4 individuals with similar behavioral needs and services. These include Transitional, Enhanced Behavioral, Enhanced Behavioral with Nursing, Children’s and Crisis homes.

The Family Teaching Model (FTM) is a duplex that houses a caretaker family on one side and 3 individuals with disabilities on the other side with an interconnecting door between the two residences.

BAHC has expertise as a construction project manager, property manager and maintenance coordinator for residential care homes for people with developmental disabilities.

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Property Management

Property ManagementOur property management department provides high quality, affordable maintenance and repairs. They ensure property repairs are done promptly, that energy efficiency standards are met, and tenants are abiding by their rental agreements. Maintaining a regular, consistent service schedule helps to avoid major problems and cuts down on tenant turn-over.

We track all repairs, including costs of labor and materials, and generate financial reports in our custom database. We can set up a database for you or your organization for a fee that covers the cost of set up and monthly management.

We also provide consultation on home modifications to accommodate the needs of your loved ones. Our experience in maintaining residential care homes for a demographic that is pretty hard on the interior finishes, has given us expertise in identifying the best and most affordable products and finishes that are durable, practical, safe and also beautiful.

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AdvocacyBAHC has been a tireless advocate for creating new housing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. We have worked with legislators at both the state and local level to educate and advocate for housing options and funding. Most people do not know the unique needs of people with developmental disabilities and other low income populations.

Kris McCann, the Executive Director of BAHC is currently the Co-Chair of the state-wide Lanterman Housing Alliance, (http://www.lantermanhousingalliance.org/ which advocates for housing for people with developmental disabilities in the State of California.

Things that you can do to advocate for people with developmental disabilities.

  • Think globally, act locally… take action today for benefit of your loved one with the mindset that you are paving the path to help others do the same in the near future
  • Everyone is impacted by the growing number of people with developmental disabilities, and there is a benefit that we need to communicate to the world around us: there is an economic benefit of saving public funds when people with developmental disabilities are properly housed, and supported
  • Focus on legislation to create state tax incentives for families to invest in trusts
  • Access more private funds such as the local Community Foundations that pool funds from private donors

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How We Can Help You » Bay Area Housing Corporation

Housing Solutions for You

Contact us for:

  • Assessing housing options that are available.
  • Development or modification of a home to meets the needs of your family member.
  • Ensuring that your loved one has a home in the future if you are in a position to assist in the funding.
  • Property Management or maintenance of a home that you own.
  • Partnering with other families to developing a home that would provide housing for people with I/DD.
  • Referral of home or a piece of property where there may be an opportunity for BAHC to develop..
  • Donation of your home to provide housing for people with I/DD.
  • Information on our Legacy program.

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ResourcesLiving Arrangements … Housing Options
The Department of Developmental Services is responsible for designing and coordinating a wide array of services for California residents with developmental disabilities. These services and supports are provided through a statewide system of 21 locally based regional centers.

A Person-Centered Planning approach is used in making decisions regarding where a person with developmental disabilities will live and the kinds of services and supports that may be needed. In person-centered planning, everyone who uses regional center services has a planning team that includes the person utilizing the services, family members, regional center staff and anyone else who is asked to be there by the individual. The team joins together to make sure that the services that people are getting are supportingtheir choices in where they want to live, how and with whom they choose to spend the day, and hopes and dreams for the future. (taken from DDS’ website)

The following is a list of living arrangements and supportive services available for persons with developmental disabilities:

  • Community Care Facilities (CCF’s)
  • Family Home Agency
  • Foster Family Agency
  • Independent Living
  • Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)
  • Supported Living Services

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Our Programs


Making Homes Work

Making Homes WorkMany people with development disabilities live in their family’s home or in their own home. Sometimes there needs to be a modification made to their living arrangements that would make their lives so much easier, a home that works for them. A new pilot program is being developed between SARC and BAHC to address this need.

If there is a modification that needs to be made to a home and it meets the needs of the individual consumer and is part of their IPP, SARC will make a referral to BAHC to research, budget, bid, modify, supervise, evaluate and provide fiscal responsibility for the correct modification.

For more information on this program, please contact us and/or discuss with your SARC case manager.

Legacy Program – The Need

Many families are searching for a way to plan for the future of a child with developmental disabilities, which can be costly to the State and to families. Parents with children with developmental disabilities face difficult choices when it comes to ensuring housing for their children after they are gone.

The difficult and challenging housing market affects choices available to aging parents with a child that lives at home; or to younger parents who want to ensure secure living environments now; and to other family members who need or want to ensure the living environment for their family member.

With an increasingly aging population, and parents and caregivers aging and passing away, families of people with developmental disabilities need solutions for the housing needs of their loved one with a disability when they are gone.

Learn more about the Lanternman Housing Alliance Legacy Homes Program

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Golden State Pooled Trust

Golden State Pooled TrustThe Golden State Pooled Trust (GSPT) is a s type of special needs trust established by the North Bay Housing Coalition (NBHC) to provide options for persons with disabilities in California. GSPT assist in preserving resources, protecting public benefits, and providing choices in order to enhance quality of life. GSPT is open to all persons with disabilities in California, regardless of their disability.

Their vision is to create a community of knowledgeable disability advocates and attorneys to assist persons with disabilities achieve a better quality of life. To achieve this vision, GSPT will provide support and advocacy through education, mentoring and supports services. BAHC is very supportive of this Trust and can be contacted for more information or please visit www.gspt.org.

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